"Turn Your Current Website And-Or Facebook Page Into A Buyer-Seller Lead Generation Machine"

Double Or Triple Your Leads Or Sales With Your Current Website And Traffic

Congratulations Local Offline Business Website Owners!

NOTE: What I am about to say is not because we are trying to sell you a website, on the contrary, it’s about helping you make more money from the website you currently own.

I congratulate you on being wise enough to have invested in your own business website. Websites are a wise investment because the internet is where local people search for businesses like yours. Your website is your own piece of internet real estate, you control it, no-one can take it from you, especially if you own the domain name and keep backups of your site. 

Though you have a website, you are probably like over 85% of local offline businesses who don’t use their websites to its fullest potential; especially if you advertise or promote your site. Let me ask you this question, “why did you invest in a website?” Was your primary goal to share information about you and your company, or was it to get customers, prospects or leads? If your primary goal was to get customers, prospects or leads, the overwhelming majority of local business websites misses the mark by a long distance. And most prospects will not take the time to fill out a traditional contact form, or even call. There needs to be what is called “A Pattern Interruption” within your website in order to capture and collect their information.

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That’s the average time spent on most local offline business websites, so that’s how long you have to capture visitors attention on your website. It only takes 7 to 15 seconds to scan through the average local business website’s homepage. If your site haven’t generated interest within 15 seconds, then you probably aren’t going to. This is a factor the overwhelming majority of website designers even know about when building sites for local offline businesses. Why? Because very few of them have any knowledge or experience in internet marketing or marketing in general.

According to Yoast, there are 4 primary reasons why site visitors leave sites so quickly:

1. The quality of the page is poor.
2. There’s nothing inviting to engage with (an extremely important factor).
3. The audience doesn’t match the purpose of the page since they won’t engage with your page.
4. Visitors have found the information that they were looking for. For example, it could mean that the audience got what they wanted, like a phone number or location, and then left.

The following system was created to do more than just grab your visitors attention, it was also created to collect their contact information (a lead), plus other valuable information, as you will read below. Plus it starts the process in less than 15 seconds! You will see for yourself in the demos.

Artificial Intelligent Gifts & Leads Chatbot System For Real Estate Agents & Agencies

Most small businesses never built, or have a way to build, an email or phone contact list. That’s a shame because research has shown that almost 80% of a local offline business’s profits and growth come from current and past customers through referrals and added services . All of this is why we created our “Gifts & Leads Chatbot System”.

Our Gifts & Leads System Chatbots use artificial intelligence to:

    • Collect visitor contact information (lead generation),
    • Get possible free advertising through social sharing,
    • Give gifts for their information and social sharing.

The bots accomplish these tasks by first getting visitor’s attention, then ask them a few easy questions which answer by clicking a button. Depending on which answer they select, the visitor will be taken to the appropriate direction.

Incredible Chatbot Lead Generation Information Collected

Take a look at the all of the valuable information that is forwarded to you immediately after each chatbot conversation has ended:

    • You will receive your chatbot participant’s First Name.
    • You will receive you chatbot participant’s Email Address.
    • You will receive your chatbot participant’s Telephone Number (optional within chatbot).
    • You will learn if your chatbot participant has a current, past, or no past relationship with your company.
    • You will receive info about whether or not your chatbot participants want your company to call them about services they currently need.
    • Your chatbot participants will have the option to call for an appointment, or setup an inspection or quote, right within the chatbot.
    • Real Estate Agents & Agencies, you will learn whether the chatbot participant is planning to buy or sell a home within the next year.
    • Social Sharing… You will receive notice of whether the chatbot participant shared your information on one of the included social media platforms. This feature could result in free social media advertising, even if your site visitor doesn’t become a patient, client or customer.

You will receive all of this valuable information in your email inbox as soon as your Customers-Clients-Patients-Prospects complete the short chatbot conversation. ABSOLUTELY NO interaction will be required by you or your staff. CONSIDER THIS: regardless of what niche, industry or profession you are in, you already know your website visitors are interested in your services, their interaction your chatbot, plus gift, could help seal the deal. The nature of the gifts, and the memories of and from them, could help cement your business in their minds for years. This is an incredible opportunity!

All of your customer, client, patient or prospect’s “Chatbot” interactions, including phone and email information, will be automatically forwarded to your contact email account. PLEASE SAVE this information once you receive it.

Adding your chatbot on your primary website is extremely simple. We will show you, or website manager, how to easily add a small piece of code to your sites, and advertising landing pages, which shouldn’t require more than a few minutes.

NEW Appointment Functionality Chatbot Technology

Leads are great, but depending on your profession, booking actual appointments may excite you even more. With our new appointment booking technology, you can ask your bot respondents if they would like to book an appointment with your company. They will simply select an open day and time, which will be forwarded to your email. If the date and time is not good for you, this will be the ideal time and reason to contact them about a more suitable date and time. The magic of this approach is you may receive an actual commitment. Don’t worry, if they decline to set the appointment, the system will still attempt to collect their contact information farther down the conversation and gift distribution. See the demo below.

Drastically Increase Your Advertising ROI

Do you currently advertise your business in local media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV,  or Craigslist or other classified publications? Are you currently using Facebook, Google, Twitter or social media sites to promote or advertise your business, or plan to in the future? If yes, adding your  website address in your promotions  and advertisements is absolutely critical. When you combine your advertising and promotions with our “GiftBot Leads System”, you will greatly increase the profitability of your marketing efforts; in other words, increase your  Return-On-investment (ROI). Why? Because our “GiftBot Leads System” will help you accomplish what very few other local business websites can; grab your site visitors attention, leads and possible appointments, starting within that critically important 15-Second window of opportunity.

Not Your Ordinary Gifts & Incentives

Our gifts are not the ordinary gifts and incentives found all over the internet, they have more value and greater perceived value. For many people, they will be perceived and believed to be more valuable than a lot of product and services discounts, but you can feel free to offer both.

Click the following certificate titles, this will open popups with details of every certificate. Click the “X” or click outside of the popup to close the popup. Take a look:

(Click here for 7 Night Resort Vacation Locations)

(Click here for "Restaurant & Grocery Savings" list.)

The Power & Pleasure of Travel

While there are many other incentive programs, such as merchandise giveaways or cash prizes, many people love to travel, which is why travel certificates make such great incentives. Although people enjoy cash giveaways, they tend to be quite expensive for businesses to fund, and products can be a difficult choice as well, since it is difficult to know what people really want. The great thing about using travel certificates is that almost everyone enjoys traveling, even if it just a few days getaway.

Travel is considered to be the most effective reward.

According to the result of an email survey conducted by CMI, 58% say travel is more effective than cash or merchandise. Survey respondents consider travel to be the most effective reward. (Incentive Travel Fact Book)

“Cash bonuses are necessary but travel is a higher perceived reward,” says Verizon’s Porterfield. Additionally, in a recent survey of American workers, 85% said they were motivated by vacation travel incentives.

Travel has a universal appeal and high-perceived value.

USA Today, on their recent survey, stated that “93% preferred travel over other incentives.” This is because vacation travel is something that some or most people would not be able to get for themselves.

No Gift Idea Limits

You are not limited to only using our certificates as gifts, we can set our system up to distribute your own gifts or incentives. They can be discount codes or coupons images, free or discounted products or services. Regardless of  what gifts or incentives you chose, we can probably set them up within our GiftBots. Contact us with your ideas.

Test Drive GiftBots In Actual Real Estate Demo Pages

In order to see the power of this system, click one or more of the following buttons. They will take you to actual demo niche site pages.

Once the demo pages load, within 12 seconds the GiftBot will open, if not, click the image in the bottom right corner, then go through the easy system interactions. Feel free to go through the different interactions. You can reload the page to try a new direction.

When you get to the gift section, click the link. It will take you to a personalized page where you can download or print the gift. Consider it a gift for your time.  Click the “”Return To GiftBot Leads Main Presentation” button at the bottom of the page to return here.

NOW AVAILABLE... Website ChatBots Without Gift Feature & Facebook ChatBots With & Without Gifts (Look & Features Are The Same)

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