"Turn Your Facebook Realtor Business Page Into A Buyer & Seller Leads Machine!"

Make no mistake, when Facebook opened its Facebook Messenger architecture, the marketing world went crazy. Prior to this point, if somebody tries to reach you through your Facebook page, you basically have to either be physically available, or run the risk that your brand will suffer.

Facebook chat functionality and the logistics behind it was, to put it kindly, a strictly touch and go affair. When FB decided to open up its system and allow for Messenger automation, this opened a whole new chapter in the brave new world of AI(Artificial Intelligent) assisted customer support, leads gathering, and marketing. This move made chatbot automation. It is definitely one trend whose time has come. Say good-bye to clunky AI. Say Adios to weak brand-killing customer interaction. No wonder people are excited about FB messenger chat automation!

You have to understand that we live in a 24/7 world. You don’t really know where your customers are going to come from. While you may have a fairly local real estate focus, your prospects may actually be traveling and calling you from a different timezone for real estate information. What do you do when they can’t interact with you or get information precisely at the time when they are most interested in your services?

Once your Facebook Messenger app opens, and they respond to your initial message, you can then filter them through different logic trees so as to collect the valuable information you need to help them the most.

Artificial Intelligent Facebook LeadsBot System For Real Estate Agents & Agencies

Most real estate agents and agencies never built, or have a way to build, an email or phone contact list. That’s a shame because research has shown that almost 80% of a local offline business’s profits and growth come from current and past customers through referrals and added services . All of this is why we created our “Facebook LeadsBot System”.

Our Facebook LeadsBot System use artificial intelligence to:

    • Collect visitor contact information (lead generation),
    • Distinguish buyers from sellers,
    • Intelligently collect the appropriate information about their home buying or selling needs  and desires,
    • More importantly, qualify them as serious buyers or sellers.

Our bots accomplish these tasks by first getting visitor’s attention, then asking them a few important and easy questions, which most are answered by clicking a few buttons. Depending on which answer they select, the visitor will be taken to the appropriate direction. Unlike with other platforms and sites, your prospect’s contact email addresses are already verified because it is Facebook.

Incredible Facebook LeadsBot Lead Generation Information Collection

Take a look at the all of the valuable information that is forwarded to you immediately after each conversation has ended:

    • You will receive your Messenger Bot participant’s First Name.
    • You will receive your Messenger Bot participant’s Email Address.
    • You will receive your Messenger Bot participant’s Telephone Number (optional within chatbot).
    • You will learn if your Messenger Bot participant is a buyer, seller, or both.
    • You will receive info about whether or not your Messenger Bot participants want your company to call them about services they currently need.
    • You will learn about their property details and desires.
    • You will learn whether the chatbot participant is planning to buy or sell a home within the next year.

You will receive all of this valuable information in your email inbox as soon as your Prospects complete the short chatbot conversation. ABSOLUTELY NO interaction will be required by you or your staff. CONSIDER THIS: as a real estate agent or broker you already know your website visitors are interested in your services, their interaction your chatbot, plus gift, could help seal the deal. The nature of the gifts, and the memories of and from them, could help cement your business in their minds for years. This is an incredible opportunity!

All of your prospect’s “Chatbot” interactions, including phone and email information, will be automatically forwarded to your contact email account. PLEASE SAVE this information once you receive it.

NEW Appointment Functionality Chatbot Technology

Leads are great, but booking actual appointments may excite you even more. With our new appointment booking technology, you can ask your bot respondents if they would like to book an appointment with your company. They will simply select an open day and time, which will be forwarded to your email. If the date and time is not good for you, this will be the ideal time and reason to contact them about a more suitable date and time. The magic of this approach is you may receive an actual commitment. Don’t worry, if they decline to set the appointment, the system will still attempt to collect their contact information farther down the conversation and gift distribution. See the demo below.

Drastically Increase Your Advertising ROI

Do you currently advertise your real estate business in local media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV,  or Craigslist or other classified publications? Are you currently using Facebook, Google, Twitter or social media sites to promote or advertise your business, or plan to in the future? If yes, adding your  Facebook realtor business page address in your promotions  and advertisements is absolutely critical. When you combine your advertising and promotions with our “Messenger Leads System”, you will greatly increase the profitability of your marketing efforts; in other words, increase your  Return-On-investment (ROI). Why? Because our “Messenger Leads System” will help you accomplish what very few other local real estate Facebook pages can; grab leads and possible appointments.

Test Drive Facebook LeadsBot Technology

In order to see the power of this system, click one or both of the following buttons. They will take you to actual demos. Feel free to go through the different interactions. You can reload the page to try a new direction.

Both buttons will open in a new window or tab. Simply close that window or tab to return here. When you visit the actual Facebook page, click the blue “Send Message” button to experience the Messenger Bot (the bot will pop open) .

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