The Ultimate Automated Real Estate Agent Top-Of-Mind Marketing Prospects And Leads Nurturing System

In A Time When Real Estate Prospects Could Take Up To 6 Months Before Signing Up With An Agent... This Awesome System Could Be A Money Making And Prospecting Game-Changer!

Lead Nurturing... Playing the Short & Long Game

"Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with your prospects with the goal of earning their business when they're ready. Lead nurturing is important to inbound marketing because it’s your opportunity to provide value to your leads and customers and help them grow with your business." (

15 Reasons Why This Page Is Important To Your Real Estate Business Short And Long Term Growth:

Protecting Your Time & Investment

According the National Association of Realtors (NAR) the average time a prospective buyer searches for a home is 10 weeks. They also state the average time before contacting an agent is at least 3 weeks. Home buying dreamers could take up to a year before getting serious. What are you doing to attract and keep the attention of these searchers, including dreamers?

Those are statistics for people who have decided to buy a home, but what about home buying dreamers? You know, the people that periodically do house hunting without knowing when they will actually buy a home; all agents experience this. What do you do with and about them? Do you hope they will contact you when they are ready, or do you just forget them? One of the worst things an agent can do is forget them. If you forget them, they definitely will forget you, or at the very worst, start speaking negatively about you on social media. The best way to be remembered is to show them you care about their dreams. The following system can inexpensively show them you care, help them get prepared for buying or selling, PLUS keep your contact access right at their fingertips for years. Plus, do it all in a non-intrusive and rewarding way. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: Real Estate Dreamers Are Buyers Who Just Haven’t Committed Yet! However, they could help secure your future if you treat them with interest!

Agents who don’t have a way to stay in contact with serious shoppers, though they don’t commit to you at first, are agents who aren’t thinking or planning for the future. This also apply’s to home buying dreams, because dreamers may become buyers and sellers within a few months or a year. If they are spending time actually shopping, they feel the time and finances are close to being right.

Another thing to remember is these serious shoppers and dreamers may also have friends and family that might become serious shoppers in the near future (within 2 years). Would prefer they contact you, or another agent or broker? If you prefer they contact you or your agency, you need a system.

Introducing Home Dream Rewards... Real Estate Agent Top-Of-Mind Marketing System

We Have Fused Modern Internet, Mobile & eLearning Technologies Into The Ultimate Lead Nurturing And Followup System Ever Created For Real Estate Agents


NEW Client & Prospects Real Estate eLearning Center... Your Path To Long-Term Growth And Earnings


For the past 16 years, small businesses have increased their use of e-learning by 900%, making online learning the new normal (SmallBizTrends). 70% to 90% of all workplace learning happens informally, 2019 (Docebo). 87% of employees believe that it is essential to share knowledge socially, 2019 (Docebo).

We have repurposed elearning into an awesome new client retention and prospecting system that will help your business grow both now and the future. We have also added a new twist… We reward your clients and prospects for learning about buying and selling a home, and sharing what they learn. You and your agency become the hero, which equates to more present and future transactions.

eCourses Sample Videos

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(Video wording will show below each video in actual lessons.)

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Home Dream Rewards eLearning Incentives

"Reward Your Prospects And Dreamers For Keeping You Top-Of-Mind"


As a business owner, you probably recognize one fact… competition is fierce. It is not getting easier to do business and prosper unless you offer your customer something that no one else can. In other words, you must differentiate yourself from your competitors so when they think of buying the service or product that you offer, they think of you. Giveaway Incentives are one way of accomplishing that.

There are a variety of different types of incentive programs available, but no doubt you want to use the one that will be most effective for your business. One of the most effective incentive programs is to use travel vouchers, also known as travel certificates.

The Power & Pleasure of Travel

While there are many other incentive programs, such as merchandise giveaways or cash prizes, many people love to travel, which is why travel certificates make such great incentives. Although people enjoy cash giveaways, they tend to be quite expensive for businesses to fund, and products can be a difficult choice as well, since it is difficult to know what people really want. The great thing about using travel certificates is that almost everyone enjoys traveling, even if it just a few days getaway.

Travel is considered to be the most effective reward.

According to the result of an email survey conducted by CMI, 58% say travel is more effective than cash or merchandise. Survey respondents consider travel to be the most effective reward. (Incentive Travel Fact Book)

“Cash bonuses are necessary but travel is a higher perceived reward,” says Verizon’s Porterfield. Additionally, in a recent survey of American workers, 85% said they were motivated by vacation travel incentives.

Travel has a universal appeal and high-perceived value.

USA Today, on their recent survey, stated that “93% preferred travel over other incentives.” This is because vacation travel is something that some or most people would not be able to get for themselves.

Travel And Vacations Are Great… But We Offer Much More!

Not The Ordinary Gifts & Incentives


Vacations... Travel... Discounts Incentives

As you look throughout the internet you will find hundreds of various gifts and incentives companies use to attract and incentivise  prospects and customers, but we offer are incentives that have a much greater perceived value.  Following are the certificates we offer; however, the certificates we feature in our Home Dream Rewards System are the “$1000 Restaurant & Grocery Savings”, “7 Night Resort Getaways”, “Ultimate Cruise Getaways”, “Hotel Discount Clubs”, and the “3 Day Hotel Getaway” as the notifications signup gifts. We invite you to sign up for one of our free courses for a usable reward certificate.

Top-Of-Mind Marketing... How The System Work...

Have you ever heard of “Top Of Mind Marketing”? The principle is fairly simple, the more prospects see your name, picture of your face, or advertising, the more you are staying at the top of their mind. In the advertising and promotions world “Top Of Mind Marketing” is also known as “Branding”. As a real estate agent “Your Name Is Your Brand”, just like the agency and broker names you are working through are local brands, and national real estate corporation names like RE/MAX, Century 21, Keller Williams Realty, Coldwell Banker and ERA Real Estate are credibility brand names for local agents. When these local agencies, brokers, and national corporations advertise on local and national medias, do you think their only objective is to reach hot prospects? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Their other objective is to “BRAND” their names in the minds of possible future home buyers and sellers, so the advertising watchers and readers will think of them when they are ready to buy or sell a property. That’s the same objectives “Home Dream Rewards” was created to accomplish, with the exception that we wanted it to be affordable for all agents, including beginners. The time and money you spend to get prospects and clients is better served when you have a system that can help keep your name (your personal brand) at the top of their minds.

As stated earlier, serious home shoppers can take up to 3 or 4 months before they even contact a real estate agent, mainly because they don’t want to be forced or hounded into making a buying decision. As an agent you may feel like you don’t have the time or patience to contact them every few days or once a week; you financially need buyers and sellers now, but prospects aren’t on your timetable. If you are not at the top of their mind when they are ready to buy or sell, they will find another agent. That is where our “Home Dream Rewards System” comes into play!

You simply give your prospect your personalized web address to our system. If they join the system the system automatically stay in contact with them through the series of home buying and selling short video lessons. Following is how the system keeps you at the top of their mind for the first few months:

Once an agent signs up for our system and completes the setup information form they receive a referral web address (also called a URL) like this: (username is s short personal ID name selected by an agent). When an agent refers a prospect to through their personalized URL our system attaches that visitor to the referring agent in the memory. The visitor stays attached to the referring agent indefinitely, so if the visit comes back to our system, even by using a direct link to, the agent is still attached to the agent. For example: the “Guide to Buying Your Dream Home” guide we give your prospects as the first lesson has links within it that leads back to, if they click a link within the guide the agent is still attached. When the visitor visits any page or lesson in our system the agent’s name, photo, and contact link will be featured in every lesson, page and sidebar. As already stated, the visitor stays attached to the agent indefinitely, or the agent is removed from the system.

Your personalized URL can be posted on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. You can also post it in blogs and forums, stamp or print it on the back of business cards. You can highlight no your website, and included in outgoing emails; even given over the phone. Another awesome and powerful strategy is to Post And Pin your personalized URL at the top of you Facebook Business Page. Following are a couple images that will show you how:

The above images are from an actual post on a Facebook business page. Notice the personalized “Home Dream Rewards” URL is at the end of the typed text. When you create your post you need to do the same. When you do, the same image will display in your post.  What I love about our system is when your Facebook business page visitors click or tap on either the text URL or the image they will be taken to with your username ID. Therefore when your visitors visit the pages and lessons on “Home Dream Rewards” your agent name, image and contact link will be shown.

The way you can get the greatest benefits from posting your URL on your Facebook business is by “Pinning” this post to the top of your business page’s timeline. That way every page visitor will see and react to it first; therefore, even visitors you don’t know will be linked to you if they visit and participate your “Home Dream Rewards” system. After all, they are visiting your Facebook page because they are interested in real estate! Viral Marketing Possibilities… Another advantage of pinning this post to the top of your Facebook business page, and also asking your hot prospects, family and friends to visit your page and share your personalized URL is the viral marketing possibilities. Seeing that your personalized URL text link and the image are connected to your Home Dreams Rewards system if visitors click the “Share” icon at the bottom of the post both the link and the image will be shared on their personal Facebook timeline. If visitors to their timelines share that post, that’s more possibilities of you gaining free prospects. That’s FREE Viral Marketing And Followup For Your Real Estate Business!

Pinning your post is as simple as the second image reveals. Simply click the 3 dots in the top right of the post, and then click the “Pin to Top of Page” select. That’s it! It will stay pinned until you unpin it. This could help your prospecting efforts for years. Can you imagine how many and much commissions you could earn if just 1 prospect would become a client through this system?

Your Top Of Mind Goldmine

Following is similar to what your prospects will see in every page, lesson, sidebar, even articles and future articles.  As you can see, your name, profile picture and contact phone number are featured in large text. The buttons are a Tap-To-Call button where your mobile visiting prospects can simply tap the button then instantly call you without tapping numbers, a website button connecting them to your person agent site or agency site, then a Facebook button that takes them directly to your Facebook business or profile page, whichever you provide. These features can help convert your visiting prospects into clients. With 30 video lessons spread out over 4 months, plus other contact items like articles dripped in between and after, this system was truly created to help keep you and real estate business at the top of all your hot, warm and cold prospects minds.

Your Agent Sponsored Homepage Top Contact Info

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Your Agent Info In 30 Video Lessons Sidebars

Agent Sidebar 4

Your Agent Info In 30 Lessons Bottoms

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Other Ways To Promote Your Home Dream Rewards System

Personalized Business Card Size Handouts


(We provide a free printable card template with your personal link when requested. Cards can be printed online for less than $20 for 500.)

Website Buttons For Your Site

FREE Real Estate Agent RepVideo

If you, as an agent or agency, is like most hardworking honest realtors, whether you know it or not, you or your agency probably already has a few, if not a lot,  of “5-Star Online Reviews”. But did you know your 5-star reviews are some of the most powerful advertising and promotion influences you have online, even substantially more influential than advertising? We have created a system where we can repurpose your idle 5-star reviews and convert them into marketing machines which will help grow your real estate business. One of the ways we accomplish this is by creating what we call “RepVideos (Reputation Marketing Videos)”. Following is an example (click the “Play” buttons to play them):

Real Estate Demo

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(NOTE: Demo the free system as a prospect would, through the homepage . All reward certificates are usable. 

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